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Lydite Electric Fence Kits for Rigid Poultry Netting with 4.5J Main energizer


Art No. : MLD-068H1K

120cm height
7.5cm vertical space
17 horizontal wires
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Lydite  MLD-068H1K Electric Fence Kits for Rigid Poultry Netting with 4.5J Main energizer

Except sheep neeting and Lydite also manufactured all kinds of height rigid poultry for chicken.Among different height and 120cm poultry netting is use more. Lydite electric poultry netting is designed to safely contain pastured poultry, while providing superior protection from predators. It can be installed and moved very easily and quickly,no need any tools to install.To set up a poultry netting usual need about 5-10 minutes and such portable design allows farmers to move grazing poultry from a place to another place that will be very easily and save much time.This is also the main reason and more and more farmers would like to choose the electric polutry netting kits.Lydite electric poultry netting was made with 17 horizontal wires with graduated spacing and copper conductor for top horizontal wire will provide a lower impedance for netting that will make the energizer to connect with more quantity rolls of netting.

17 horizontal wires is live and bottom 2 lines are non-conductive to avoid the touch with ground or weed.
Semi-rigid vertical is very sturdy and help prevent sagging between posts anf free repairs pegs will make netting high stable on hilly and uneven terrain.The 14 supporting posts are made of strong fiberglass material for long life span use.

Main energizer LFL450-1 ,4.5J
Lydite recommend the LFL450-1 which is a 
low Impedance energizer for use with about 5 rolls of poultry netting.It is very convenient to be use with no need battery and just need to plug the energizer in to send an instant flow of power through your fence.You’ll know that as long as your power is operating, then your fence is hot.Its working distance is 75miles and provides 4.5J output power for netting. LED indicator pulses when energizer is working.UV resistant ABS made casing with stainless steel metal knob screws will provide long life span.

12000volts Neon Tester
After a electric fence system installed well and a neon tester can help you to test the voltage for netting and different levels of lamp will indicate the volts reading.

At a glance

Recommend for:
   · chicken,poultry,rabbit,duck

Special features:
· complete kit includes everything you need to keep poultry safely
   · powerful 12V/230V energiser
   · sturdy netting posts to prevent sagging
   · stable even on hilly terrain or uneven ground
   · quick and easy to assemble


· powerful 12V/230 volt energiser (6500 Volt, 4.5 Joule)
· 50m netting, height 120 cm, 14 posts with double spikes
· 8 neon lights fence tester
· 1 m grouding rod, hot-dip galvanised
· 50 m grounding cable
· easy and fast connection



   ·  1 x Lydite LFL450-1 Main energizer
   ·  1 x 120cm electric fence poultry netting
   ·  1 x 8 Neon lights fence tester
   ·  1 x grounding rod
   ·  1 x Warning sign
   ·  2 x Alligator clips
   ·  1 x Underground cable

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