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Lydite® Farming Fence Gate Handle with Stainless Steel Hook


Art No. : MLD-007C

Frequently bought together

Lydite® Farming Fence Gate Handle with Stainless Steel Hook

The tried-and-tested "Compact" gate handle with its simple tension spring enables easy access to the pasture.

Create the entrance to your pasture using the value-for-money "Compact" gate handle from VOSS.farming. Thanks to their screw-mounted hooks, the gate handles are robust and durable. The inner spring keeps the conducting material always well tightened. The high voltage resistant plastic with wide hand protector ensures safe handling.

At a glance

 Recommended for:
 · safe access to the pasture

 · for attaching to gate handle and ring insulators

 Special features:
 · gate handle with hook


· tried and tested, value for money electric fence gate handle
with simple inner tension spring, ø 20 mm
high voltage resistant plastic and wide hand protector
sits comfortably in the hand, practical to use
vgalvanised eyelet and tension spring
UV- and weather-resistant



·  1 x Lydite® Farming Fence Gate Handle with Stainless Steel Hook
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