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Lydite MLD-068S3K Electric Fence kits for sheep with 0.5J solar energizer


Art No. : MLD-068S3K

Height for net :90cm
Length:50M/roll,9 horizontal wire,
15cm vertical space
Frequently bought together

Lydite MLD-068S3K Electric Fence kits for sheep with 0.5J solar energizer

Lydite recommend the electric fence kits including all the components that you need for erecting a electric fence !
Quality Electric Sheep Netting
Electric Netting has been consistently proven to be the most effective barrier to predators that may be after your valuable animals and it is is very easy to erect and move - a true portable solution giving maximum protection.Lydite is a the specialist in manufacturing electric fence netting with the features of UV-resistant,anti-aging for long life use.The fence netting was made a very low electrical resistance which is 0.12ohm per meter that is important for fences that are either long or will experience high weed contact.Free repair kits including free pegs that will make netting high stable on hilly and uneven terrain and orange color will make netting high visible from a distance.

Lydite Solar Energizer LFR050 with 5W solar panel
Lydite recommend the LFR050 solar energizer that is very powerful and sufficient for use with netting. We recommend solar energizer because it has also the advantage of portability as it does not need to be located near a power point.That will make you can set up the netting anywhere on your property without needing extension leads or power points. A solar powered energizer is ideal choice if you are using temporary electric fencing or electric netting. All you need is only need to do is set up your fence or net, and place your solar energizer in a position where the sun's rays fall on the solar panel. LFR050 solar energizers come with an integrated 12V 8AH battery (kits not including battery)and when under not better weather conditions and the battery will also last for about 21 days without solar charging.

12000volts Neon Tester
After a electric fence system installed well and a neon tester can help you to test the voltage for netting and different levels of lamp will indicate the volts reading.

At a glance

Recommend for:

   · sheep,goats and dogs

Special features:

   · powerful 230V energizer
   · extremely stable net posts with double spikes
   · fast, easy setup


·  Mains electric fence energizer LFR50 (10,000 volts, 0.5 joules)

   ·  Fully charged battery can power the energizer for approx.3 weeks without sunlight

   ·  Premium finish, splash proof with Waterproof On/Off switch

   ·  Indicator LED for energizer status

·  50m premium electric netting, height 90 cm, 14 posts

·  8 neon lights fence tester (2,000V - 12,000V)

·  1 m grouding rod, hot-dip galvanised

·  Includes all connecting and grounding cables

·  International warning sign



· 1 x Lydite LFR050 solar fence energizer
· 1 x 50 m electric fence netting,height 90 cm, 14 posts, 2 spikes
· 1 x 8 Neon lights fence tester,(2,000–12,000 volts)
· 1 x
grounding post
· 1 x Warning sign
· 2 x Alligator clips
· 1 x 50 m Underground cable

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