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Lydite Energiser kits:DC energizer+digital fence tester,fence post,polywire,connectors


Art No. : MLD-LFA100-1K

106cm height for post
1J for energizer
Frequently bought together

Lydite Energizer kits:DC energizer+digital fence tester,fence post,polywire,connectors
Lydite DC energizer is a low Impedance energizer work with a 12V battery,Output power is 1J 
stored energizer is 1.3J that is p
erfect for larger sized fencing installations. Powers properties with up to 140 acres of multi-strand fence material. 10000 volts open line. 5,500 volts @ 500 ohms.
This low-impedance energizer has a highly visible, flashing red light that indicates the energizer is working and powering the fence. Works with steel wire, aluminum wire, and poli-products.

The white step-in fence post is not designed for permanent use 8 molded clips hold electric fence wire and poly tape along the heavy-duty electric fence post for superior adaptability.The reinforced polypropylene construction of this step-in fence post and strong steel stake make it last a long time.The step-in electric fence post features a large step-in flange and anti-rotation spike to keep the stake from turning.

Lydite digital fence tester can be accurate Three Digit Read Out from 2 to 9.9 KV and can measures Voltage on Any Type of Wire.Requires 9 Volt Battery Operation (Not Included)

MLD-002A8 Pulse Flash Signal Light /Live Fence Indicator
For instant reassurance that your fence is working. Place permanently on your fence line and simply look for the flash (flashes with each pulse of the Energizer) when you pass by. No batteries required.To setup, clip onto the fence wire and push the lead into the ground. If the voltage drops below 3000V, the Live Fence Indicator starts to flash intermittently and if the voltage drops below 2000V, the Live Fence Indicator will stop flashing altogether.

Water and UV resistant

Voltage indication from a distance.

Visible from 3000 ft at night

MLD-002A2:Simple Keyring Fence Tester 
Simple and easy to use for checking your electric fence.                                       
Emits a high pitch beep when held near a live wire                                                      
Depending on the fence voltage, it will beep from about 20 cm away from the wire                                                   
Conveniently attaches to your key ring                                                           
Incl. battery   

At a glance

Recommed for dog,cat,Wild animals


· Electric fence kit will keep you pet safe
· High visiable coloured white posts
· 230 V Lydite DC energiser with a powerful output
· Yellow and black polywire with very good conductivity
· includes ring insulators for flexible installation, even on wooden posts
· with digital fence tester and singal light for easy monitoring of the fence
· connectors, grounding post and warning sign included in kit



· 1 x DC energizer LFA100-1
· 2 x 100 m polywire, yellow/black, 6 x 0.20 stailness steel conductors
· 10 x plastic posts, white, 106 cm, with 8 x tape + 8 x rope eyelets
· 5 x connector for polywire, 3 mm, galvanised
· 1 x grounding post, galvanised,round,14mm
· 25 x ring insulators, black, with wood screw
· 1 x fencing connection cable, 1 m
· 1 x ground connection cable, 50m
· 1 x international warning sign


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