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Lydite® Farming Fence Gate Handlewith Hook, Black


Art No. : MLD-007C3

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Lydite® Farming Fence Gate Handlewith Hook, Black

Extremely robust, heavy duty, high-quality gate handle. Offers excellent cold-resistance and insulation!

These handles are almost indestructible thanks to the thick, slightly elastic material. The plastic is highly insulated, so even in damp conditions there is no voltage flashover. On top the handles are extremely resistant to low temperatures and won't break or shatter. They are fitted with a spring, hook and big eyelet.

At a glance

 Recommended for:

   · a secure entrance to the pasture
   · rope, tape, wire and polywire

 Special features:

   · extremely robust and durable
   · high visibility
   · high tensile strength


· sturdy hook

· extremely robust material

· with retractable spring tensioner

· UV-resistant, thick plastic, slightly elastic
· outstanding insulation



·  1 x Lydite® Farming Fence Gate Handlewith Hook, Black
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