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 For tightening and holding tension on High-Tensile (HT) wire
√ 28cm Galvanized steel
Corrosion resistance
Suit for Framed In-Line Strainer

√ Integrated threaded handle

√ Includes standard tested chain with swivel and heavy-duty rivets

√ 120cm Galvanized Chain

√ Claws and grips are carton steel,making them durable for long service life


√ cutting through wire up to 5 mm thick

√ can be used as a hammer

√ for drawing wire eyelets, etc

√ indispensable tool when building fences


√ Carbon steel
√ 800*89*3.75mm*8.9kg,600*76*3.75mm*7.5kg
√ custom as request
√ Minimizes damage to tops of fence posts when compared to hammering


Matrial: Q195


√ Handle size: Dia: 31mm*3mm
√ Thickness 290mm
√ Smooth grip action
√ Heavy duty rivets and high tensile pivot bolt
√ Easy on the hands one piece gold zinc passivated handle
√ 1.2m (47″) chain included


√ Material: Allows a wide range of wire or cable to be spliced with one tool


 Allows a wide range of wire or cable to be spliced with one tool                   


√ Suitabale for Dia 1/16'', 3/32'', 1/8'', 3/16'' Double Aluminum Crimp Sleeve
√ Made of forged alloy steel with heat treatment
√ Excellent crimp and durability


√ Material: Steel

√ Handle length: 400mm

√ Total Length: 650mm

√ Quick and easily tensions either fencing or netting wire around strainer posts

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