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Lydite® Farming Fence Pliers, General-Purpose Tool


Art No. : MLD-LFT11A

Total length: 27.5 cm
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Lydite® Farming Fence Pliers, General-Purpose Tool

These wire cutters are a practical tool for building fences.

You won't want to go without these farmer pliers from Lydite. These pliers can cut through wire up to 5 mm thick. They can also be used as a hammer. Pliers are an indispensable tool when building fences.

At a glance

Recommend for:
  · for higher hardness Pulls staples twists wire custs wire and hammers

Special feature:

  · Drop-forged carton steel or chrome-vanadium steel


· for cutting through wire up to 5 mm thick

· can be used as a hammer

· for drawing wire eyelets, etc

· Total length: 27.5 cm



· 1 × Lydite® Farming Fence Pliers, General-Purpose Tool

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