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Electric fence

Electric Fence

Electric fence is a boundary system that uses an energiser to keep the conductor (polywire, rope, tape, wire) under voltage. It can be permanent or portable. Former uses permanent fixed posts (wooden or metal) where conductor is kept in line by the insulators, latter uses plastic mobile posts with lugs or nettings. EF is used to keep animals in or out.
√ 10000V and 0.5J

√ Fence up to 20 miles without vegetation

√ 5W Solar Panel

√ 12V AGM battery

√ IP standard:IP 65

√ 2 years warranty

0.5.png 20.png 10000.png


√ 12000V and 0.3-1.6J
√ Fence up to 30 km without vegetation
√ 25W Solar Panel
√ 12V AGM battery
√ IP standard:IP 54
√ 2
years warranty

0.3.png 30.png 12000.png


 3.2 volts Lithium battery
 9200V and 0.15J
 1.8W Solar Panel
 Fence up to 5 miles
 1 Year warranty

 1647506614171402.jpg 1647506614171404.jpg 


√ Digital display showing volts up to 15kv
 LCD screen with backlight
 Large back-lit display
 Audible current indicator
 Convenient belt clip
 Insulated, rugged, water resistant case
 Replaceable 9 V battery
 Can be used with all energizers
With 6 neon lights, Cable and Earth Stake
Waterproof, No battery required
 Ceasuring Range: 1000V-2000V-4000V-6000V-8000V-10000V

 Solar energizer,8500volts,0.5J,20miles
 50m netting with fiberglass posts,90cm,14 post,double spikes
 Provides excellent predator protection
 UV resistant and high visibility
 High stability and fast assembly
Foot pedal and steel spike for easy installation


 For tightening and holding tension on High-Tensile (HT) wire
√ 28cm Galvanized steel
Corrosion resistance
Suit for Framed In-Line Strainer

√ Integrated threaded handle

√ Includes standard tested chain with swivel and heavy-duty rivets

√ 120cm Galvanized Chain

√ Claws and grips are carton steel,making them durable for long service life


√ cutting through wire up to 5 mm thick

√ can be used as a hammer

√ for drawing wire eyelets, etc

√ indispensable tool when building fences

√ Fits gate handles connecting on both sides
√ Solid 3-way connecting plate
√ 3 connection possibilities
√ For wire, rope

√ winding and unwinding polywires and tapes

√ gear reel can hold POLYWIRE for 1000m long, 2.3mm wide

√ tape for 350m long, 12mm wide and 60m long, 40mm wide

√ galvanised stand with hooks


 Protects your fence energizer from damage caused by lightning
 Kit contains lightning arrestor, connector clamp, ground clamp, mounting screws
 Prevents animals from escaping due to lightning damage
 Easy installation


√ Highly visible warning sign
√ With two clips and five holes to hang up
√ Yellow warning colour
√ Double-sided printed
√ Size: 250 mm x 130 mm x 2 mm


 Connects electric fence energiser and grounding rod

 Red and Green Alligator clips 

 Very easy and practical to use


√ Carbon steel
√ 800*89*3.75mm*8.9kg,600*76*3.75mm*7.5kg
√ custom as request
√ Minimizes damage to tops of fence posts when compared to hammering

√ 10000V and 1.5J

√ Fence up to 30 km without vegetation

√ 1 years warranty
1.5.png 30.png 10000.png



√ Material: Spring steel,zinc coating                                 

√ Dia.: 7mm, or as custom                           

√ Height: 250mm or as custom 

√ polywire, rope and fencing tape up to 40 mm

√ with wood screw


√ Material: Spring steel, zinc coating, PE insulation

√ Dia: 6mm, 6.5mm, 8mm or as custom

√ Height: 985mm, 1050mm, 1060mm, 1 075mm or as custom

√ Color: Red, white, blue, yellow and so on


√ extra long and sturdy ground spike: 22 cm

√ lightweight, extremely rigid, highly insulated

√ extra long ground spike: 22 cm

√ suitable for polywire, rope and tape up to 20 mm

√ ideal for cattle, sheep, pigs, wild boar and large dogs

√ Particularly Rugged Fence Tensioner
√ Ideal for Permanent Fence Systems
√ easy to strech steel wire
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