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Lydite Fibreglass Fence Posts 123cm, Oval


Art No. : MLD-058A2

total post length: 123 cm
above-ground length: 101 cm
Frequently bought together

Lydite fibreglass fence posts, 123cm, oval

This fibreglass post is extremely long-lasting and easy to handle. It is particularly well suited for keeping sheep, pigs, goats, cattle, large dogs, etc.

The electric fence posts from Lyidte are made of top-quality fibreglass. This makes the posts extremely robust, long-lasting, light, and flexible – and therefore unbreakable.

An additional height-adjustable insulator is included with the delivery of this electric fence post. This makes a twin-row fence possible. The height of the additional insulator can be infinitely adjusted without any tools. The fibreglass post is designed for use in combination with polywire, rope or even tape up to 40 mm wide.

The extra-long ground spike on the Lydite fibreglass posts guarantees the post remains secure and stable. The fibreglass posts stand out for their light weight, extreme load capability and good insulation. It's the ideal electric fence post for cattle, sheep, pigs, wild boar and large dogs.


Practical tips

The post spacing will depend on the ground conditions. It should be approx. 5 m. Additional insulators can be used to add height to the fence.

At a glance

Recommended for:

  · suitable for polywire, rope and tape up to 20 mm

Special features:

  · extra-long ground spike: 22 cm
  · extremely robust, coated spike
  · minimum weight, maximum stabilit
  · includes cap insulator and supplementary insulator per post


· colour: yellow/black
· oval post: Ø 10 x 8 mm
· material: fibreglass
· height of insulators can be infinitely adjusted without any tools
· suitable for polywire, rope up to Ø 6 mm and tape up to 40 mm
· spare secondary insulators available



· 10 x Lydite fibreglass fence posts,123 cm, oval, extra long spike

· 10 x supplementary insulators

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