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Gate Handles

    Gate handle is a complete gate that quickly installs at the ends of existing electric fences.Go in/out of electric fence without turning off the energizer.

√ 7mm electrically conductive plastic rope
√ extends up to 5m
√ gate opens and closes easily
√ robust connecting eyelets
√ UV- and weather-resistant


√  high tensile strength

√  high UV-resistance

√  galvanised hook and spring

√  high visibility


√ TPE insulated

√ for rope and polywire

√ robust quality

√ highly UV proof

√ high visibility

√  for rope and polywire
√  UV-stabilised
√  particularly robust quality
√  with spring tension limiter
√  safe access to the pasture
√  safe access to the pasture
gate handle with hook
inner tension spring
high-voltage-resistant plastic
UV- and weather-resistant

√  safe access to the field

√  for rope and polywire

√  most parts made from metal

√  with spring tension limiter

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