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Lydite® Farming Fence Gate Handle,with 5M polywire


Art No. : MLD-040

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Lydite® Farming Fence Gate Handle,with 5M polywire

The new small gate kit is ideal for bigger entrances of between 1 and 5m. Top quality at a bargain price!

This special gate handle kit for small gates enables you to set up an "electric fence door" in the easiest way possible. The elastic, electrically conductive rope can be stretched from 5m. There's no jamming of mane or tail hairs There's no danger of tripping over ropes lying on the ground. The connecting eyelets on the elastic rope ensure perfect connection and optimum current transmission. The black gate handle is especially robust, and has the tried-and-tested practical hook so that the entrance to the pasture can be opened and closed quickly. The new gate handle kit for small gates from the firm of Lydite Fence will meet all your expectations.

At a glance

Recommended for:
for gate access points, pasture division, paddocks, etc
  · optimum gate system for an electric fence

Special features:
electrically conductive elastic rope (Ø 6mm) can be extended up to 5m
  · includes especially high-quality gate handle and robust connecting eyelets
  · gate opens and closes easily without the rope touching the ground


· sturdy hook

· extremely robust material

· with retractable spring tensioner

· UV-resistant, thick plastic, slightly elastic
· outstanding insulation



·  1 x Lydite® Farming Fence Gate Handle,with 5M polywire
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