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Lydite® Farming Polytape Nail-On Insulator,up to 40mm


Art No. : MLD-087

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Lydite® Farming Polytape Nail-On Insulator,up to 40mm

Polytape Insulator:robust and extremely versatile, with electroconductive rubber inlay and handy wing nuts

The fence tape is simply attached and secured against slippage by the wing nuts and offset rubber profile. Because of the way the tape's fixed, it can't get distorted or wear itself down, significantly increasing its lifespan. The electrically conductive rubber inlay replenishes defective conductors with electricity, making the fence even more secure. With the butterfly screws, loosening and retensioning can be carried out without difficulty.

At a glance

  Recommend for:
   ·  Electric fence tapes up to 40 mm
Stretches of fencing, starting points or corners

  Special features:
with electrically conductive rubber (carbon fibre) inlay – wires are re-electrified, increasing fence voltage and animal safety
   ·  offset rubber profile ensures electric tapes are fastened without damage
   ·  firm fastening and easy retensioning of electric tape are no problem, thanks to handy butterfly screws


   · PP or HDPE and UV proof
   · Total length: 110 mm
   · 42 mm tape slot
   · mounting distance, tape to post: 25 mm



   ·  1 x Lydite® Farming Polytape Nail-On Insulator,up to 40mm
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