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Lydite® Farming Offset Ring Insulator,250 mm


Art No. : MLD-020B2

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Lydite® Farming Offset Ring Insulator,250 mm

The offset ring insulator is suitable for keeping animals away from the electric fence posts

Offset insulators are used to improve the level of animal safety offered by wooden, barbed wire or wire fences. Offset insulators are used to protect electric fences from power discharges or short circuits. It's often the case that the existing electric conductor runs too close beside a hedge or a bush. Here offset insulators can increase the distance between the two.

At a glance

  Recommend for:
   ·  Suitable for wire, rope up to 10 mm
   ·  can be used as an offset insulator or line insulator

  Special features:
   ·  extra-long, galvanized 220 mm support, with screw
   ·  3 drip points and large dry area ensure a high level of insulation in damp conditions
   ·  extra robust


   · Metal part length: 250mm
   · UV proof
   · Screw dia. 7 mm
   · Screw Length: 31 mm



   ·  1 x Lydite® Farming Offset Ring Insulator,250 mm
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