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Lydite® Farming 5J 100km Dual Energizer with LCD display


Art No. : ADS5000

Case Dimensions: 31*21*38cm
G.W.: 2.55 KGS
Frequently bought together

Lydite® Farming 5J 100km Solar Fence Energizer

Dual Energizer with LCD display

Power Supply:AC 230V/DC 12V battery /solar panel

Consumption: 0.46A / hour

Voltage Vacuum: 12000 volts

Delivered power vacuum: 7 joules

Power output at 500 ohms: 5 joules

Effective length: 100 km

Power Source Battery:DC 12V/75AH(Not include)

Battery size:285*200*220mm

Plastic case. Dimensions: 310*210*380 mm

Weight: 2.55 kg

LCD display to monitor device,5KV-12KV voltage modes can be adjusted

1638173507809456.png 1638173628190824.png 1638174192104955.png

At a glance

Recommend for

   ·  Fence up to 60 miles without vegetation
   ·  Mobile use
   ·  Can be used for varieties of animals
   ·  Flame-retardant ABS
   ·  Anti-UV

Special features
   ·  LCD display to monitor device 




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