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Lydite® Fence Energizer Output Lead Set,100 cm, M8 eyelet


Art No. : MLD-0982

Color:Red and Green
Frequently bought together

Lydite® Fence Energizer Output Lead Set,100 cm, M8 eyelet (Double)

Fence connection cable with crocodile clip – easy and safe to use with insulated clips and stainless-steel contacts

The crocodile clip cable from Lydite fence connects the energiser with the fence or grounding stake. The practical, insulated clips make connection very simple. Thanks to the robust stainless-steel clips, good mechanical and electrical connection is guaranteed.

Our fence connection cable is available in red and green.

At a glance

  Recommend for:
   ·  connecting the energiser on the fence to the grounding post

  Special features:
robust crocodile clip
   ·  insulated clips with stainless-steel contacts
   ·  very easy and practical to use


   ·  Good mechanical and electrical connections

   ·  Ideal for mobile fences

   ·  With M8 connection eyelets

   ·  Cable length: 100 cm

   ·  Colour of your choice: red, green



   ·  1 x Lydite® Fence Energizer Output Lead Set,100 cm, M8 eyelet (Double)

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