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Lydite® Farming Pulse Flash Signal Light


Art No. : MLD-002A8

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Lydite® Farming Pulse Flash Signal Light

Make the visual monitoring of your fence system even more easy with the "Pulse Flash"

With the "Pulse Flash" signal light you can see from a distance whether your fence system is working properly - if the voltage on the fence falls below 2,000 volts, the flashing stops. We recommend installing several control lamps on the fence, so you can clearly see from where the fence is no longer sufficiently supplied with electricity. Especially at the end of the fence system it is useful to position a signal light.

The signal light is equipped with a clip and is simply hooked into the conductor material. The metal rod must be put into the ground and the "Pulse Flash" is ready for operation. A battery is not required.

Practical tip:

If the fence voltage drops below 2,000 volts, it can have several causes:

  ·   weak/faulty energiser
  ·   shortage due to vegetation
  ·   faulty insulators
  ·   poor conductor materia
  ·   poor grounding

At a glance

 Recommended for: 
    ·  monitoring the fence voltage 

Special features: 
    ·  flashes green with every energiser impulse 
    ·  no more flashing below 2000 V 
    ·  convenient visual control of the fence voltage 
    ·  can be used at several points of the fence 
    ·  clearly visible even during the day 
    ·  installation and electrical contact directly on the conductor material 


  ·  Pulse Flash Signal Light
  ·  Size: 12*7*3 cm
  ·  No more flashing below 2000 V
  ·  Work without battery



   ·  1 x Lydite® Farming Pulse Flash Signal Light

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