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Lydite® Farming Wire and Rope Tensioner (Heavy Duty)


Art No. : MLD-013

Material: Aluminum alloy cog, zinc alloy flapper,
carbon steel sheet strap with hot-dip galvanized treatment
stainless steel compression spring
Loading strength Min: 700kg
Frequently bought together

Lydite farming wire and rope tensioner (heavy duty)

A heavy-duty robust wire and rope tensioner with a cogwheel for quickly applying or reducing tension to electric fence wire, rope and polywire

This practical and universal little tool is used to apply or reduce tension on electric fence wire, rope or polywire. It can be installed at any point and becomes an integral component of the fence system. This robust rope tensioner is made from galvanised steel and cast aluminium. It has a cogwheel lock and is particularly suited for permanent fence systems. Do more than just maintain a good voltage on your fence. The lydite  farming wire and rope tensioner helps you to keep your fence system in good condition.

At a glance

Recommended for:
   · quickly applying or reducing tension on wires, polywire and ropes
   · permanent fence systems

Special features:
   · stationary tensioner
   · easy to use
   · heavy-duty construction using galvanised sheet steel and cast aluminium


· wire and polywire between 2 - 4 mm
· size of the hole for fixing the wire approx. 4.9mm



· 1 x Lydite® Farming Wire and Rope Tensioner (Heavy Duty)

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