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Lydite Offset Pigtail Insulator 250mm, White Extra Long


Art No. : MLD-0605

250 mm extra-long support
robust support is Ø7 mm
Frequently bought together

Lydite long-stemmed eyelet insulators, 250 mm ring insulator, extra robust

Extremely stable offset eyelet insulator with wood screw and high-stability insulator sleeve.

These long-stemmed eyelet insulators from the firm of Lydite – also known as pig's tail insulators – are perfect for all kinds of possible assemblies. As well as being used as a spacer, they're also outstandingly well suited for increasing the height of already existing posts. A very handy feature is the wood screw, that enables quick and easy set-up. Thanks to its solid, 7 mm-diameter support, the insulator can also withstand high tension. The extra-robust, 2 mm-thick insulator sleeve ensures extremely good insulating properties. The plastic surface is smooth, hard and highly weather-resistant. The conductor material can easily be passed through the large eyelet insulator head, where it's securely guided.


At a glance

Recommended for:

  · suitable for polywire, rope and fencing tape up to 40 mm
  · can be used as an offset insulator or line insulator
  · suitable for increasing the height of existing posts

Special features:

 · extra-long support, 400 mm, galvanised
 · support is especially robust – Ø7 mm, with wood screw
 · ring eyelet head covered with very solid insulator sleeve


· large insulator head in the form of a ring, conductor materials are easily attached and securely guided
· insulator sleeve can withstand high voltages, 2 mm thick
· plastic surface is smooth, hard and highly weather-resistant
· top-quality, practice-proven



· 1 × Lydite MLD-0605 Offset Pigtail Insulator 250 mm, White Extra Long

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