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Lydite Electric Farm Fence
Our company has been specialized in fence tools business,mainly producing all kinds of fence tools and electric fence for ten years.We surely have a large customer base and our products are popular in overseas markets,such as the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. 

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Testing Tools
9.9KV Digital Fence Tester With LCD Display For Cattle Fence
Bright Green Color 1000-6000V 6 Lights Neon Light Fence Voltage Teste...
Wuxi Lydite Blue Color 600-7000V 8 Neon Light Fence Voltage Tester Fen...
Bright Yellow Color 1000-10000V Neon Light Fence Tester
Fence Gate And Fittings
Lydite Spring Gate Handle Kit
Wuxi Lydite Spring Gate Handle Kit For Electric Fence
Wuxi Lydite Spring Gate Handle Kit With Ring Insulators
Plastic Fence Gate Handle For Electric Fence
Wire Tighteners
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